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10 Rock Stars Who Love to Nerd Out

Just as there are endless subcategories of music, there are many classifications of nerds and geeks (let’s not even get started on the distinction between those two!). Then there is the rare intersection of nerd and musician! After all music is math, and who is more qualified to construct complex chords and harmonies than the honors kids everyone made fun of in grade school?

Sometimes our guitar gods and goddesses transition from geek to chic, sometimes they embrace it wholeheartedly and rock a Ph.D. (or two) while rocking our socks off, and sometimes the ‘roll’ in ‘Rock and Roll’ refers to a 20 sided die. We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite nerdy rock stars across the board for your perusal.

Ben Burnley – Breaking Benjamin


This Star Wars-obsessed frontman has been known to pull out a lightsaber onstage and invite the crowd to join him on the Dark Side. He takes his fandom so seriously, he went a bit off the rails when the makers of Star Wars Battlefront offered him compensation to speak favorably about the game on social media. To say he declined their offer is an understatement. The singer instead destroyed his copy of the game and posted the photo (and his, shall we say, ‘disapproval’) on Instagram. Let’s hope the Dark Side doesn’t take control.


Matt Brooks – Like A Storm


This self-professed “geek in rock star clothing” earned his nerd cred in grade school, when a reorganization divided students into classes by their test aptitude, causing a rift between classmates. He has been outspoken on the issue of bullying, and along with his brothers in Like A Storm, writes songs about having the strength to be yourself no matter what and never give up on your dreams.

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