Microsoft 5th Ave Store Now Has a Massive Digital Art Display

The New York-based digital artist has created a new facade for Microsoft’s flagship retail store.

Tech companies do love their artist collaborations, and the latest one might be the biggest yet. Like, just in terms of size — the flagship Fifth Avenue Microsoft retail store in New York just got a fresh new facade thanks to Brooklyn-based artist Tabor Robak.

How big are we talking? Robak’s new digital piece, “Sundial,” covers 800 square feet, and is now being displayed above the first two floors of the five-floor store. Robak took full advantage of having a digital canvas, too. True to its name, “Sundial” changes as the day goes on, as colors and shapes move and transform to suit the time of day (midnight is described as “lava-lampy”).

Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Microsoft

We’re not sure how long Robak’s work will be displayed above the Fifth Avenue Microsoft Store, but when it does go down, it’ll probably be replaced by yet another piece of art. The Robak collaboration is part of a new initiative involving local New York artists, so this should be the first of many masterpieces.

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