The Original Tamagotchi is Making a Comeback

The new handheld games are a little smaller, but otherwise they’re how you remember them from the ’90s.

Tamagotchi, the handheld digital pet game that saved thousands of parents from having to buy actual dogs or cats for their kids, are coming back. Bandai has re-released the original six Tamagotchi pets in Japan. If we’re going to learn anything from this story, it’s this — nostalgia is an economic force anywhere on the globe.

Reports are that they’ve already sold out in Japan, although they can still be found on Amazon. If you’ve forgotten how much fun it was to see how unbelievably often an electronic pet needs to go to the bathroom, now’s your chance to remember. And, because Bandai understands nostalgia, they’ve left the same greyscale display and three-button interface alone. Considering how nuts people went over these things in the ’90s, I guess there’s no need to mess with a good thing.

While this year (the 20th anniversary of Tamagotchi) is seeing the return of the Tamagotchi games in their original form, the brand never completely went away. In 2014, Bandai launched a similar handheld game called Tamagotchi Friends, which could be paused (easy mode!) and linked to other Tamagotchi using a wireless connection. They’ve also toyed around with apps, even going so far as to launch a lifestyle brand around the virtual pets.

You can try to navigate Amazon Japan to get one of your own — prices are having around $18 (the revival games are the tiny ones with the attached keychains).

Via Mashable