Orlando Bloom Looks Like a Dead Pirate in the Latest Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Spot

He’s one of many undead pirates coming to the fifth movie in the franchise.

Way back in 2014, when Orlando Bloom wasn’t sure he’d return for a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, he told IGN that he was intrigued by the prospect of “getting all gnarly.” Well, he did decide to return, and from the new 30-second spot from the movie, he most definitely has gotten all gnarly.

The spot plays up all pirates needing to die, which constitutes life (undeath?) goals for Javier Bardem’s new villain, Captain Salazar. We see Captains Jack and Barbossa as always, but they’re joined by Bloom as Will Turner. Now that he’s the undead captain of the Flying Dutchman, he’s had plenty of face time with the creatures of the sea. He hasn’t gone full Davy Jones, but he’s got a few barnacles around his face, and he’s rocking a very pirate-like bandanna.

He also has a very fatherly facial expression behind all the crud, so the consensus is that he’s probably meeting his son, Henry Turner (played by Brenton Thwaites). I’d say it’ll be a heartwarming reunion, but with Will’s heart being locked away in a chest somewhere, I guess that might be difficult.

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