Danger, Will Robinson! Pillsbury is Making Frozen Churros

Pillsbury reminds us that frozen churros are definitely a thing

We’ll get it out of the way up top — churros are always going to taste better when they come fresh from the street cart. But, the street cart can be far, and they seem really far in the era of ubiquitous delivery. It’s made it a lot easier to get the comfy clothes on, and once the comfy clothes come on, that front door’s only opening for Postmates. That’s a long way of saying that yes, frozen churros are justified.

Obviously, the concept of frozen churros is not a new one in 2017, because making fried cinnamony goodness available in minutes is a no-brainer. But, now we’ve got one more company getting in on the action, with Pillsbury making churros even more convenient. Not only are they frozen, their new Churro Bites are, as promised, bite-sized. Not totally comfortable with the bucking of the traditional churro length, but we’ll allow it.

There’s 20 in one box, which seems like a good number. I think you can put away 20 in one night and not feel too bad about it (we’d feel pretty good about that, if we’re being honest). They’ll be showing up in grocery store freezers soon enough.

Via Refinery29

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