Snapchat is About to Start Snooping on Where You Shop

Post-IPO, Snapchat is primed to turn toward maximizing ad revenue.

It’s a pattern we’ve seen play out many, many times — an awesome free social apps gets created and blows up. Everyone loves it until IPO day — the day when the free app actually needs to become a business. Now that Snap’s IPO has happened, they’ve got to start making that transition by any means necessary. One way they’ll be honing their ability to do that is with their branded geofilters.

Those geofilters are now a powerful tool for advertisers to determine how effective those geofilters are at actually being ads — bringing people into their stores. Snap to Store is a new feature not for users, but for advertisers. If you use, say, a Wendy’s geofilter, the tool will be able to use your phone’s location tracking to tell if you went and got yourself a Frosty shortly afterward (OK, it won’t know exactly what you ordered, but it’ll know you went to Wendy’s). Not only that, the tool will know which friends you sent your snap to, and whether or not they got in on that Frosty action.

If you want to support Snap on their journey to profitability, just sit tight and the tracking will send the company and their ad partners that sweet, sweet data. If you’re not about it, there’s fortunately a pretty simple fix — just go into your phone’s app permission settings and deny Snapchat the ability to use your phone’s GPS (or just don’t use the branded geofilters).

Via Business Insider

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