A Flavor-Changing Unicorn Frappuccino is Coming to Starbucks this Week, and it’s Going to Be Magical

Pretty sure Starbucks pays at least three people to monitor Instagram trends.

Proving that their menu is largely sourced from Instagram, Starbucks is about to unleash yet another on-trend creation. Ever since Lisa Frank started heating up again, unicorn stuff has been all over Instagram — lattes, entire cafes, and yes, even hair. So, in steps Starbucks, which is following up on their secret ombre drinks with some not-at-all secret and very real unicorn frappuccinos.

As befits anything unicorn, reports of the drink were limited to rumors and hushed whispers over the past week. But, now we’ve got some sightings that can’t be written off as Bigfoot-tier hoaxes — pictures of Starbucks employees with unicorn frappuccino promos. The smoking magic wand came earlier today, when Mike Fahey of Kotaku managed to get a straw into one, describing it as “full of coloring, sour and evil intent.” It also has mango!

Don’t know why a unicorn anything is sour instead of sweet, but far be it from us to question the immense cultural wisdom guiding Starbucks. If you want to try one for yourself, the Kotaku rundown has the official launch date as April 19, but other rumors have pegged April 20. Either way, the dawn of the unicorn frappuccino is imminent.

Via Eater

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