There’s an Awesome Super Mario Bar in Washington, D.C., But It’s Going Away Soon

The themed bar will only be open until April 15.

Want to go to probably the best bar in the states right now? Well, the music in your head just started playing a lot faster, because you’re running out of time. Two bars in Washington, D.C. joined forces this spring to create a Super Mario-themed bar, and they seriously went all out.

If you want an idea of how awesome that upcoming Nintendo Land at Universal Studios is going to be, look no further than the Cherry Blossom Pub. Made up of two side-by-side bars — Mockingbird Hill and Southern Efficiency — in Washington, D.C., the Cherry Blossom Pub is a temporary pop-up themed bar to celebrate cherry blossom season.

Given that we’re talking about cherry blossoms, you might be wondering how Mario figures in. No reason! The creators just thought it was cool, probably. They’ve created three themed rooms — true to its name, one room has cherry blossoms hanging down from the ceiling. But, that’s not what we’re here for! One of the other rooms is all Mushroom Kingdom, complete with bricks, (moving!) piranha plants, mystery box lamps, mushrooms, and even Mario-themed drinks (“What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Smaller” is by far the best name). Oh, and is that a Lego Mario diorama behind the bar? Yes it is! The third room is Bowser’s lair, which is haunted by a Boo along with other Mario baddies.

If you’re in the neighborhood, you’d better get over there quick. After April 15, the two bars go back to being their normal selves, and we’ll all be back to waiting years for Nintendo Land to become real. Oh, and if you are in the neighborhood, you’ll want to get there early, too — word is there are long lines to get in.

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