Taco Bell’s Next Big Thing is Nacho French Fries

And they might just be the best French Fries.

With apologies to Del Taco, French fries don’t go with fast food tacos. Nachos work, churros or churro-adjacent treats work, but French fries don’t click. Taco Bell wants to change that, and because the people at Taco Bell are flavor geniuses, they’re going about it the right way — nacho fries!

This appears to be an evolution of the loaded fries they were trying out not too long ago, which means we may be getting closer to a full rollout of the Taco Bell fry project. Taco Bell is now trying out two options — nacho fries, which is just a basket of seasoned fries served with nacho cheese dip, and nacho fries supreme, which is basically their nachos supreme with seasoned fries instead of chips.

So far, reports have suggested that Taco Bell is only testing them at some locations in West Virginia and California. We don’t know whether or not a full onslaught is imminent, but needless to say, this could permanently alter the fast food French fry landscape.

Via Thrillist

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