Verizon is Merging Yahoo and AOL into One Company Called Oath

Could Verizon really scrap the Yahoo name altogether?

After all these years, could Yahoo Mail finally be a thing of the past? Could the same be said for AOL mail, which we keep forgetting still exists? Maybe! Verizon has decided to get hands-on with their newly acquired media companies, fusing them into one new company called…Oath?

It’s a strange name (maybe it’s the vowel sound?). We assume it has something to do with how Verizon will be selling the new company, but it’s hard to say — they haven’t detailed exactly what they plan to do with this new company.

Business Insider got the ball rolling, reporting yesterday that sources had told them of the name change, which would take place once Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo’s internet properties closes. Instead of going the no-comment route, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong quickly took to Twitter to confirm the report, and that the Oath name is for real.

The implication there is that Verizon will have a lot more to say about Oath once the Yahoo deal closes. Whether or not that deal would close at all had been in question, with Verizon becoming concerned about the spate of hacking and site security controversies that rocked Yahoo after the acquisition was announced. A rebrand could be Verizon’s way of saying that the Yahoo brand has been tarnished enough to where the bad outweighs the good.

That would still be something of a surprise. While Yahoo and AOL Mail are more valuable for their established user bases rather than their ability to attract new users, Yahoo does have a lot of strong divisions in the United States, especially Sports and Finance. A strong brand isn’t usually something that gets cast off, but with the strange trip Yahoo’s been on, the parties involved might think it best to just let the name fade into history.

While Oath could simply be the name of the parent company (like how Alphabet is now the name under which Google exists), it’s unlikely things will stop there. Armstrong’s tweet suggests that Verizon has a marketing plan lined up for Oath — if they’ve already gone through the trouble of paying someone to create a logo, it’s a good bet they’re going to put it to use.

Via Business Insider

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