The X-Files is Getting Another Miniseries with 10 Episodes

Despite mixed reviews of the six-episode run last year, the show is coming back for 10 more episodes.

With last January’s six-episode revival of The X-Files getting so-so reviews — especially for episodes related to the main story arc — a lot of us figured that would be the end of it. It looks like we’ll be finding out what happens after the aliens show up, after all. The X-Files has officially been confirmed for another 10-episode run.

While reaction from critics and fans alike wasn’t always positive, the viewership numbers were — last year’s miniseries ended up ranked second among network dramas. It’ll be interesting to see if that interest is as strong for round two, especially after the additions to the main story arc, and particularly the last episode, were seen as duds.

But, more episodes might do the show good. Showrunner Chris Carter is back, as is David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, so the all the main parts that make the show work are still on board (not that this would’ve been made without them). Having more episodes means we might see more of that fun dynamic of Mulder and Scully in one-off, monster-of-the-week episodes — the ones that were generally praised last year. But, considering how the miniseries ended, it might be hard to credibly get back to that.

We don’t yet know if the new 10-episode run, which is being dubbed season 11, will be totally dedicated to the overarching alien invasion story or not. All that’s been announced is that Fox has ordered ten more episodes, and that production will start soon — soon enough to where the new series could air sometime during the 2017-2018 TV season.

Via Entertainment Weekly

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