12 Disney Princesses Swap Places

Here’s What Happens When 12 Disney Princesses Swap Places

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Disney Princesses swapped places? Could you imagine Snow White dancing with The Beast? How about Pocahontas trading her fringed suede for a ballgown? The very talented artist Dylan Bonner gives us a glimpse into what our favorite Disney Princesses’ lives could be like if they wore one another’s gowns, switched up their environments, and interacted with characters from other Disney films! You can find more of Dylan’s awesome artwork and all about his process on his Tumblr page.

Aurora x Jasmine


Aurora has traded in her terrible curse to be on the positive side of magic, where she gets three wishes! Genie looks quite pleased to have either been let out, or to meet Aurora. Whichever one it is, one thing is for certain: I’m sure Aurora has never had a friend quite like the Genie!

Elsa and Anna x Ariel


Elsa and Anna trade the icy landscape of Arendelle for an adventure under the sea, swapping places with the little mermaid, Ariel! Anna, the more timid of the two, hides behind some coral with Flounder as Elsa looks like she is ready to take on Ursula!

Cinderella x Tiana


The Princess and the Frog is our next Disney Princess swap scene! Cinderella kindly looks down at the frog she is about to turn back into a prince. She really looks quite stunning in green!

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