They’re Making Alanis Morissette’s Iconic Jagged Little Pill Album into a Musical – But Why?

They can’t be serious. But they are.

Jagged Little Pill was the voice of my generation. It was edgy, raw and brilliant. Alanis had several hit albums after Jagged Little Pill, and many hit singles, but nothing quite like the success of JLP. Now they are actually turning Jagged Little Pill into a full on musical. I’ve seen Alanis perform JLP in acoustic form, I’ve seen countless parodies of its iconic hits, but for me the buck stops here folks.

That said, if you’re not nearly as offended by all of this as I am, performances will begin in May 2018 at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with Tony winner Diane Paulus spearheading the production. The show will feature several of JLP’s iconic songs and the story will focus on a “modern, multi-generational family and will explore gender identity and race.”

“This team that has come together for this Jagged Little Pill musical is my musical theatre dream come true,” said Morissette in a statement. “The chemistry between all of us is crackling and I feel honored to be diving into these songs again, surrounded by all of this searing talent. Diablo and Diane are already taking these deeply personal songs that are part of my soul’s marrow to a whole other level of hope, freedom and complexity.”

Perhaps it’s the the fact that someone transforming JLP into a musical makes me feel old, and my vanity is hurt, but come on! Can’t we just let the album age gracefully with the respect that it deserves?

Source: Playbill

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