This Alien Xenomorph Egg Replica Only Looks Like it Has a Facehugger Inside

The nearly two-foot tall replica is motion-controlled, just like the real thing!

Want to recreate John Hurt’s super fun experience with eggs? I’m personally not down, but if that’s your thing, you can now buy one half of the experience. I don’t know where you’re going to find a facehugger, but this replica of the egg from Alien is a dead ringer for the real thing.

So to be clear, this isn’t desk toy material. This Alien egg replica is one foot, ten inches tall — not sure if that’s movie accurate, but it’s close enough. It’s definitely John Hurt accurate, though. Get close to this thing, and those four petals will unfurl, revealing — well, not a Facehugger, but a pretty good amount of storage space! Hey, we all love Alien here, but we’ll take a hard pass on the facehugger.

The top of the egg is motion-sensitive, so if you do a little hand wave over it, it’ll open up. You’ll also get a nice green glow from LEDs inside. I don’t remember that part from the movie, but I don’t think gratuitous LED lights ever need justification. It’s powered by batteries or USB power, which I’m sure Ripley would have loved to know a long time ago. Would’ve made things a lot simpler.

The Alien replica egg is available for preorder now on The Fowndry for $260, and it should start shipping out on May 21.

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