The Avolatte is a Latte Served in Avocado Skin that Started as a Joke and Predictably Became Real

Of course there was demand for a latte served in avocado skin (even if it wasn’t that much).

Has the latest latte craze been discovered? Maybe, maybe not. What started out as a joke from a cafe in Melbourne, Australia ended up getting very real orders last week. But, if the thought of an avolatte — a latte served in avocado skin — is enough to make you want to take up arms against your fellow millennials, it’s safe to slow your roll. So far, it looks like this but of fusion might just be too hip to live.

Combing two of Melbourne's obsessions – lattes and avo 😂

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The party got started about a week ago, when Truman Cafe of Melbourne posted a video of someone pouring a latte into an avocado skin. A joke, perhaps, but when people came in today asking for the avolatte, they were duly served up.

It just wasn’t exactly what we’d call a craze. Even now, the original post only has a little over 6,000 views, and coffee drinkers weren’t exactly kicking down the door demanding these things — according to a report from Yahoo Australia, they only sold four today. And, given the cafe set’s proclivity for avocado toast, I don’t think that count was because of the lack of avocado skins.

While the idea of combining two youth obsessions may be grating, I think the avolatte is commendable in its own way. Those avocado skins just go to waste otherwise!

Via Yahoo Australia

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