Black Charcoal Lattes are Trying to Counter the Unicorn Trend

The magic’s gone.

That Lisa Frank movie better come out soon. The unicorn kick on Instagram is under attack — lawsuits are the least magical things we can think of, and now the counter-color all-black backlash is gaining steam. Maybe we can blame Apple for this trend, too.

Sooooo this is charcoal latte #latteart #blackandwhite #charcoallatte 😌

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We caught wind of black ice cream spreading throughout LA and New York, so it comes as no surprise to us that the same is happening with black lattes. They’re being called goth lattes in many circles, although that maybe seems like appropriation? It feels like it, I don’t know, I haven’t talked to enough people about this issue.

Despite what looks like an intense trend rivalry, the unicorn and black lattes are coming from the same place — they’re both vehicles to make the latest health food kicks trendy. The unicorn latte was based on algae, while the black lattes are made in part with charcoal. No, they’re not grinding up briquettes — it’s a kind of charcoal that’s said to have detoxifying effects in the body. As best I can tell, it’s the same kind of carbon used in water filtration systems to capture particles and strain out stuff like chlorine. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work the same way in the body unless maybe you’re using it as a hangover cure, but the main point is that these charcoal lattes aren’t going to kill you and look neato on Instagram.

Anyway, the ‘grams have been hot since at least last year, with pictures of charcoal lattes coming in from all across the globe. We’ve got New York, London, Australia, and France represented, but I’m sure they’ve made their way to plenty more places, too. Meanwhile, we’re left wondering what the next front in this foodie war is going to be. Donuts or cupcakes?

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