25 Disney and Other Regal Crowns Turned Into Gorgeous Rings

Ring them all up!

They say the crown is heavy upon the head, so why not move it to the hand? We found a whole treasure chest’s worth of gorgeous rings based on regal crowns — including a few owned by some Disney Princesses! Many of these rings work as everyday jewelry, and a couple are engagement ring-level fancy. If you know someone who is like a princess to you, get them one of these rings to show it!

Rapunzel Crown Ring

After what Rapunzel went through, she deserves a beautiful ring from her love. This ring also comes in rose gold, but to stay true to Rapunzel’s golden locks, you’ve got to stick with yellow gold.

AOSDESIGN/Etsy – $35

Aurora’s Simple Golden Crown Ring

Aurora was the more minimalist of the Disney Princesses when it came to fashion. She favored streamlined over bouffant, and elegant over ornate. This ring really captures her simply cut royal crown.

NerdTownUSA/Etsy – $35

Ariel’s Crown Ring

Ariel’s crown was too heavy — she wanted to ditch Atlantica to be part of our world. Fortunately, this ring won’t be burdensome on your finger. This is a special find from the Japan Disney store.

Disney Japan – about $7

Snow White’s Bad Apple Crown Ring

Always remember where you came from. Snow White’s ring is based on her trial by fire of an apple that ultimately led her to the crown.

AOSDESIGN/Etsy – $25

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