The Trailer for the Emoji Movie is Actually Pretty Adorable


I think we probably heard about this sometime last year before forgetting about it for a while, but Sony Pictures just roared back with a reminder — The Emoji Movie is real, and it’s coming out this year. They released the first trailer for it this week, and it is definitely about emoji.

For something as ridiculous as a movie about emoji, the plot is very, very familiar. It’s basically the same thing as that Barbie movie Amy Schumer was going to be in — being yourself in the face of others telling you not to do that. It’s just this time, we’re dealing with literal faces. All of the emoji are stuck on the phone and have to feel the same way all the time, but Gene the meh emoji isn’t about that life. He wants to experience the highs and lows, and gets help from the high five emoji and an emoji called Jailbreak, which I guess is a reference to jailbreaking phones so you can do stuff The Man doesn’t want you to do. Gene is voiced by T.J. Miller, while James Corden and Anna Faris are in as his two companions. And yeah, as promised, Patrick Stewart is voicing the poop emoji.

So, Gene goes off on an adventure to do some hacking and make it so he can make whatever face he wants, and at some point he gets stuck in Candy Crush Saga because this movie is stuck in 2013.

But, dated references aside, I’m questioning the details about this movie. At one point in the trailer, Gene gets thrown in a room with the other emoji that never get used. I see the disco ball and the grandma emoji in there, and I see them get used all the time. The eggplant emoji is in there, too. You know perfectly well that the eggplant emoji gets run, people.

Via Nerdist

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