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Top 5 Pieces of Equipment for Cord Cutters in 2017

Ready to get rid of cable? Here’s our top list of gear you’ll need to make the jump

As cord cutting becomes more and more popular, it’s worth it to point out that there’s no right way to cut the cord. Some will do it slowly by cutting down their cable package until it’s all streaming. Others just cut the cord and jump into streaming head first. No matter how you end up becoming a streamer, you’ll probably agree that there are plenty of tools that make streaming even easier.

From streaming TVs to antennas and DVRs, plenty of equipment exists with the sole purpose of making your streaming experience easier and better overall. With that in mind, these are five items that every cord cutter should make sure to try out.


The TCL Roku TV is available in many sizes, from 28” to over 60”, so there is a price point and a size for everyone. As the name implies, this 4K Ultra HD television has Roku built in. This means you’ll have access to TV Everywhere apps, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and thousands of other apps, channels, and movies. You can even use your phone or tablet and turn it into a remote or you can plug in your headphones if you’re trying to keep the volume private. You can even cast YouTube and Netflix videos from your phone to your TV and share your phone media on the TV.

If you don’t want to use your phone, a remote comes with the TV that removes many of the standard and sometimes unnecessary buttons on many remotes. Additional inputs will make it simple for you to add other streaming devices or gaming consoles.

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