The Next Doctor Who Might Be Female

Rumors are Swirling That Doctor Who Could Finally Have its First Female Lead

Is the moment we’ve been waiting for for years finally upon us? There’s nothing but tabloid speculation for now, but whispers that the next Doctor will be a woman are getting increasingly loud.

Things got started over the weekend with UK tabloids suggesting that Phoebe Waller-Bridge, current star of the Amazon original series Fleabag and slated to appear in next year’s Han Solo movie, was the top pick within the BBC for the next Doctor. As we know, both Peter Capaldi and longtime showrunner Steven Moffat are departing the show after this series, leaving an opening for wholesale changes to Doctor Who. With calls for a female Doctor getting louder over the years, the rumor fits!

Where’s the rumor coming from? The Mirror quoted an inside source as saying, “Beeb [BBC] bosses love Phoebe. They thought she did an amazing job with Fleabag and is certainly one of the rising stars in TV and film. They see her as a perfect fit as a Time Lord and the first female Doctor Who.” When asked about the possibility, Waller-Bridge was first quoted as saying, “I am not allowed to say anything about that, one way or the other.”

Promising! But then, when accepting an award at the BAFTA awards yesterday, Waller-Bridge stated, “I am not going to be the first female Doctor.” Less than promising! Then again, that’s exactly the sort of thing the next Doctor would say.

The tabloids are now reporting that oddsmakers have Kris Marshall, who is another dude, as the favorite to take on the role.

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