The Gilmore Girls Might Get Its Own Luke’s Diner Lego Set

Someone Created a Lego Version of Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls, and it Could Become a Real Set

Still feeling the rush from that Gilmore Girls revival? Head on over to Lego Ideas, where user Rainer Zufall has uploaded an amazing submission for a Luke’s Diner Gilmore Girls Lego set. Your minifig collection is about to become overly caffeinated!

There are tons of cool little details in the submission, like little condiment bottles, the sign hanging outside the door, and all the ocean-themed decorations on the wall. It looks like it might be a little more cramped than the real thing, but don’t tell Lego Luke that or you might get acquainted with the Lego door.

Speaking of Lego Luke, the submission also includes minifigs! Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Lane, Jess, and Kirk are all here, and yes, Luke comes with unkempt beard and backwards cap. Attention to detail! The Lego hair is on point throughout, which we also thoroughly appreciate.

The submission is currently looking for supporters on Lego Ideas, where Lego takes in fan suggestions for sets that could make it into production (the creators get some of the profits if that happens). It’s a hard road to get there, though. Submissions need to notch 10,000 supporters before making it to the review stage, where the higher ups decide which sets have enough potential. There’s also the more boring matter of securing rights, so it’s a longshot. But, there’s hope — we’ve seen plenty of sets successfully come out of Lego Ideas over the years, including a Doctor Who set and a couple of awesome NASA sets.

Fortunately, Lego’s pretty generous with time. The Gilmore Girls submission has over 400 days left to hit 10,000, and it’s already garnered enough momentum to get to just over 700 supporters. Who knows, your minifigs might just get a proper burger joint after all! More importantly, you’ll have a Gilmore Girls Lego set you can use to do your own reshoot of the revival miniseries finale. You know, just in case you were in the dissatisfied camp.

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