Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer Review

This one vaporizer can handle herbs and concentrates alike!

In order to stay relevant, vape manufacturers must be continually innovating to separate themselves from the competition. That’s why we have the Haze Dual V3, the first portable, dual chamber vaporizer that works with any material and promises to deliver the coolest vapor and smoothest draw. Are the days of owning multiple vapes for different materials over? Keep reading to find out if the Haze Dual V3 is the vape for you to settle down with.

When it comes to portability and stealthiness, the Haze Dual V3 doesn’t disappoint. Its compact size and rounded square shape make it easy to slip into your pocket while on the go. Featuring a durable and impact resistant body that’s available in five different colors, the unique design of the V3 helps it stand out from the competition.

Bucking the trend of using a flush mounted mouthpiece, the Haze Dual V3 uses a newly designed mouthpiece stem (available in glass or stainless steel) that can be stored easily by sliding into the top of the device. Previous issues of the stem getting stuck inside the unit have been solved by adding a lip to the mouthpiece, making it easier to pull out the stem when you are ready to enjoy a session.

As the the first vaporizer with dual stainless steel heating chambers, the Haze Dual V3 gives you the freedom to mix and match herbs, concentrates, liquids and oils. Using the various screens and canisters that ship with the vape allows you to choose between convection and conduction. Lifting up on the honeycomb grid cover gives quick access to the dual ovens, making it very simple to check the color of your cooked herbs.

Thanks to the convenient layout of the dual ovens, loading the Haze Dual V3 with your favorite material is super easy. Marked with an empty or solid circle, each chamber corresponds to the way the top cover slides open to power the vape. The flexibility of loading one chamber with finely ground herbs and the other with concentrates makes up for being able to use only one chamber at a time. For added convenience, extra canisters can be pre-loaded and swapped out while on the go.

Shipping with two rechargeable batteries that provide 45 minutes of vape time each, the Haze Dual V3 is always ready for action. The charger conveniently juices up both batteries at the same time, fully charging in about three hours. In case your phone battery is low and in need of a charge, the charger has you covered with a USB port for such situations. To access the battery compartment, simply slide the bottom lid open.

With the Haze Dual V3 locked and loaded, it is primed for action. Power the vape on by sliding the top lid to match the corresponding mark of the chamber you wish to use. Pressing the top button will allow you to cycle through four heat settings. Once the lights turn solid green, you are cleared for takeoff.

Each session, lasting around five minutes, produces clean and cool vapor that will make your taste buds go wild. To keep the party going once your session ends, simply press the top button again, sit back and enjoy the ride. Be sure to hold the Haze Dual V3 using its grip side as the honeycomb grid can get hot from the dual chambers below. To conserve power, the vape shuts off after three minutes of inactivity.

Proving to be one of the easiest vapes to clean, maintaining the Haze Dual V3 is simple thanks to its smart design. Using the included brush tool with a few drops of isopropyl alcohol makes quick work of cleaning debris and resin from the vapor path and mouthpiece stem.

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