James Corden and CBS are Producing a Snapchat Show

Snapchat’s new video platform is growing quickly.

Everyone in the tech world seems like they’re trying to cash in on video, and Snapchat’s no different. In their fight to stave off Facebook’s all-out assault, the company is looking into video by sticking short-form Snapchat Shows in the Discover section of the app. There’s already been a rush to create shows for Snapchat from the likes of Conan O’Brien and tons of networks, and now we can add James Corden and CBS to the list.

The show will be called Next James Corden, and the premise just seems so right for the times — it’s a fictional reality show. The idea is that James Corden is looking for his Late Late Show replacement — one he can groom for succession over many, many years. Don’t call him a procrastinator, I guess.

The idea of fake reality TV for Snapchat is amazing on its own, but there’s plenty more reason to expect Next James Corden to be a new kind of hit. Think of it this way — James Corden is probably more famous for his Carpool Karaoke bit than he is for the Late Late Show itself. That one segment has blown up online, with his videos consistently going viral and attracting millions of eyeballs. The new Snapchat Show is an attempt to serve up content directly to that audience, which increasingly watches those videos on mobile devices.

Here’s another quirk — like many Snapchat Shows, Next James Corden will be shot vertically. In other words, it’s part of a new wave of mobile first media, which is a potentially seismic change for the entertainment industry. It’s a seismic change for us, too — it wasn’t all that long ago that vertical videos were grounds for derision on YouTube. Things change fast these days!

Via TechCrunch

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