The Lenovo Legion Y920 is a Monster of a Gaming Notebook

It’s Lenovo’s highest-end mobile gaming machine of the year.

Back at CES, we remarked that the Lenovo Legion Y320 and Y520 were content to be low-to-mid range gaming laptops — they were affordable, but they weren’t the primo stuff. Lenovo’s saved that until today, with the announcement of the Legion Y920. This is a powerhouse of a laptop that makes no pretenses about being lightweight.

At 17″ and over 10 pounds, moving it constitutes a workout. But, that weight serves a good purpose — inside, the Y920 has a 7th generation Intel Core i7 K-series processor paired with the 8 GB Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU. It’s also got 16 GB of RAM, and while there is a 1 TB HDD option for storage, gamers will probably want to opt for the faster 512 GB SSD, which should decrease loading times. It’s powered by a huge 90 Whr battery, but considering the heat this thing is packing, I wouldn’t expect anything near all-day battery life.

The sights and sounds need to be on point, and it looks like they mostly will be. The Legion Y920 has Dolby Home Theater Audio coming out of dual 2-watt JBL speakers and a 3-watt subwoofer. The display might strike some as a little disappointing, though — it’s a 1080p IPS panel with Nvidia’s G-sync technology. G-sync makes sure the frame rate and the GPU speed are in lockstep, guaranteeing smoother playback. That’s awesome, but it’s a little surprising that there’s no 1440p display here.

In a really nice touch, Lenovo went all-out on the keyboard. It’s a mechanical keyboard, although we’re not sure if they used red or blue switches. And, this being a gaming machine, the requisite RGB keyboard backlight is here, too.

Because of that 1070 GPU, the Legion Y920 won’t just run high-end VR headsets, it’ll do so smoothly. That makes it a pretty attractive option for committed gamers looking for a do-it-all machine that can handle the most graphics-intensive games while still being (sort of) travel-friendly. But, don’t expect it to come cheap — when it arrives in June, the Legion Y920 will start at $2,700.


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