The LG X Venture is an Affordable, Fully Waterproof Budget Phone

The low-cost rugged phone will be available exclusively from AT&T starting this Friday.

Ready for adventure? So is LG’s latest smartphone. Today they announced the X Venture, a 5.2″ low-cost Android 7.0 phone that sacrifices high-end specs for a tough as nails build and monster battery life. If you’re looking for a phone to take with you on extended camping trips, that might be a sacrifice worth making.

LG checked all the boxes for a rugged phone. It’s rated IP68, indicating complete protection against dust and water. This phone can take a dip into the river or a trip to the beach with no problem. It’s also protected against drops — it meets military standards thanks to a metal frame with a little extra material on the corners. The 1080p display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 — not the latest generation, but it should still offer some protection from drops below shoulder height. A glove touch mode makes the phone a little more useful in colder weather, too.

While the Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 chipset with 2 GB of RAM won’t give the phone a ton of processing power, it’s not totally a budget phone outside of the rugged build. Meant as an outdoors phone, the cameras are decent enough. The 16 MP rear camera has autofocus, HDR, and LED flash, although the f/2.2 lens suggests the phone won’t be as good at evening and nighttime photos as more premium smartphones. On the front, there’s a 5 MP wide-angle camera, which is also paired with an f/2.2 low-light lens — that one will snap selfies automatically if it detects faces.

But, it’s the battery that should really attract outdoor enthusiasts who still can’t quite do without a phone. The X Venture has a whopping 4,100 mAh battery — that would guarantee over a day of battery life on a premium phone, but combined with more modest specs, we’d guess you could get a day and a half to two days out of the X Venture.

The LG X Venture will be available starting this Friday in only a 32 GB model in either black or brown. It’ll be an AT&T exclusive, and will cost $11 per month for 30 months on an AT&T Next Plan. If you’re not already an AT&T customer, you might want to read up on the big four’s competing unlimited plans before making the jump.

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