Marvel is Having a Lot of Fun Promoting the Defenders on Twitter

Twitter has been revolutionary for a lot of reasons. Usually not good reasons, but you know, it’s been transformative. Hasn’t been all bad, though — the social media people at Marvel are having the times of their lives with The Defenders, setting up rivalries between the Netflix heroes before the show is ready to get binged.

The official Twitter accounts for all four characters have been run as if the characters themselves are tweeting, and the results are what you’d expect. Usually, the quartet can be found either celebrating awards for the shows or popping off at Twitter trolls (for some reason, the Jessica Jones account seems to have to do this much more often), but now that they’re teaming up for The Defenders later this year, they’ve found some new targets — each other.

Marvel’s superheroes can’t work together without a lot of dysfunction first, right? The four are showing up in the others’ regular haunts in what appears to be a new sort of promotion. Because gifs are essentially Harry Potter newspaper magic, we’ve got moving posters for the new series, accompanied with tweets that, compared to what will be on the show, are probably pretty mild. You can check them out now — the Twitter handles are all just the characters’ names. Well, except for Iron Fist — he gets @MarvelIronFist, because some guy from Chicago who really likes the McDonald’s Shamrock shake is defending that @IronFist handle pretty well. I don’t blame him, that shake is pretty good.

Via comicbook.com

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