Master & Dynamic’s x Leica Headphone Collaboration is Picture Perfect

Master & Dynamic has taken inspiration from one of Leica’s most advanced lenses.

How does a company famous for its camera lenses collaborate on headphones? With a number! Master & Dynamic, a new headphone company out of New York, has made Leica-branded variants of their headphones and headphone stand featuring the number 0.95 in honor of Leica’s new and super advanced Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASP lens.

Besides the 0.95 on the earcups, the headphones feature the trademark Leica red dot, along with a black and red color scheme. And, just like with their limited edition Rolling Stones headphones, they’ve still got the luxury trappings of Master & Dynamic’s stock models, including steel and leather in the construction. The 0.95 branding will appear on their MW60 noise-cancelling wireless over-hear headphones, their MH40 over-ear headphones, their ME05 in-ear headphones, and their MP1000 headphone stand.

Fortunately, if you want to cop, Master & Dynamic isn’t charging a premium for the Leica name. The MW60, MH40, ME05, and MP1000 all cost the same as usual at $550, $400, $200, and $60, respectively. Preorders have already begun, with all of the models shipping out May 11.

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