Nomad Folio Wallet iPhone 7 Plus Case Review

This is pretty much the best folio case for the iPhone 7

Would you like to have one less item to carry with you? Consider the Folio Wallet case from Nomad. It protects your phone by encasing it in beautiful leather that will slowly patina making your case uniquely yours.

The first thing you will notice about this case is how well it is made. The stitching on the leather is tight and the three smaller pockets are reinforced and will certainly hold up to extended use. These pockets will each hold 1-2 credit cards. And there is another pocket behind which is ideal to hold some folded cash.

Many folio cases incorporate a strap to hold the case closed. Some love the extra security it provides, some find the strap to be cumbersome and in the way. If you are one with the latter viewpoint you will love the absence of any strap on this case. This allows you to open the case easily with one hand and gives the case a more streamlined appearance.

The hard case which holds the phone, is also designed well and keeps the phone in place. It is securely glued to the leather cover and does not in any way detract from the case’s elegance. The cutouts for the volume and power buttons, as well as the lightning port and speakers are completely open, making it much easier to insert and remove the phone from the case. The opening in the back of the case for the camera lens is large enough that you could use this case with an iPhone 6 plus as well.


Nomad’s Folio Wallet case is a beautiful, well made leather case. Given that it is made from real leather that ages gracefully over time, it is a great deal for $49.95 (plus shipping). We highly recommend this case for anyone who prefers folio style cases.

The Good: Durable, slim design, well priced, leather wears well over time

The Bad: None.

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