Philips Brightens up the Bedroom With New White Ambiance Lamps and Ceiling Fixtures

The lamps follow the release of the gentler White Ambiance bulbs from last year.

Around this time last year, Philips introduced White Ambiance bulbs in their Hue smart lighting line. The white bulbs featured adjustable light temperature, changing from bright to soft light according to the time of day. This year, Philips is expanding the line with some more lamps and light fixtures of their own creation.

Philips has new tabletop lamps and ceiling fixtures. Tables will be graced by the Wellner and Wellness lamps, which have gentler 800-lumen A19 bulbs. Both are smaller lamps, with gently curved lampshades. The overhead Being Flushmount and Fair Flushmount, Semi-flushmount, and Suspension fixtures have more room-filling 3000-lumen bulbs. Those fixtures have the same kind of minimalist, rounded design language as the table lamps.

All of the above have White Ambiance bulbs — in addition to changing from brighter to softer light as the day goes on, they can also be controlled using the companion app. They can be turned on or off remotely, and the light temperature can be adjusted at any time.

Philips will be kicking off preorders for the new lamps and fixtures starting next month, with prices starting at $100. Like the White Ambiance bulbs, those lamps and fixtures will all be compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Nest, and Samsung SmartThings, in addition to Philips’ own app. Philips will also be introducing a new candle flame-shaped White Ambiance bulb, which can be preordered next month for $30. Those bulbs will be in stores in July.

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