Star Trek: Discovery Finally Gets Its First Trailer

Hey, this series might just come out after all!

Better late than never! Star Trek: Discovery has already been delayed twice, but now that a trailer is finally out, it’s starting to look like the new TV series is ready to air. The trailer introduces the main character, Sonequa Martin-Green’s First Officer Michael Burnham, in what looks like a prequel of sorts to the show.

The trailer pairs Burnham with Captain Georgiou, played by Michelle Yeoh. This must take place either before the series or right at the beginning — from what we know of the series, Burnham will be serving as first officer under Jason Isaacs’s Captain Lorca, the captain of the titular Discovery. The trailer starts off with Georgiou talking about Burnham getting her own command, so it’s safe to say something goes wrong with that plan.

Most of the trailer revolves around an impending conflict with the Klingons, who seem upset about one of their own dying — upset enough to where what looks like a bat’leth comes out at the end. We also see what might be the issue that prevents Burnham from getting a command — she’s in favor of a preemptive strike on the Klingons, something Georgiou asserts Starfleet doesn’t do.

And, it turns out the name Discovery might also be a nod to someone coming to terms with mixed parentage. It’s too soon to tell, Burnham might be half-Vulcan — Spock’s father, Sarek, is a big part of the trailer, and at one point tells a very young Burnham that she’ll “never learn Vulcan” because her “tongue is too human.”

Looks worth a watch all in all, although there’s nothing here to reassure Star Trek fans who pine for the more philosophical approach of something like The Next Generation. The style seems closer to that of the new movies, although it does take place in the prime universe — then again, that might just be because of all the modern special effects. That, and the great mysteries of the universe don’t really make for good two-minute trailer material.

There are little changes, too, and you know they’ve been noted by the Trek faithful. Discovery takes place only 10 years before The Original Series, but don’t expect the old blue, red, and gold color scheme with the uniforms — it’ll be gold, silver, and bronze here. The Klingons also look more like they did in the later series. it’s clear that Discovery is leaning away from the campiness (at least in retrospect) of TOS, even though we’d assume it’s meant to dovetail with that series (it even brings back TOS characters like Harry Mudd).

While the alien at the end whose race was engineered to sense death seems a little off, too, we’re still looking forward to discovering Discovery when it premieres this fall. Production has had its share of issues, especially with original showrunner Bryan Fuller stepping aside, but we’ll always give Star Trek a chance. Discovery will debut in the fall on CBS before moving to CBS All Access, the network’s subscription streaming service.

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