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Here’s What’s New on Netflix in June

Orange is the New Black is back, and Moana is finally here in case you missed her in theaters.

Summer’s coming, and while that means the network shows are all taking naps, Netflix is staying wide awake. Season five of Orange is the New Black is finally (and officially) here, and for the television averse, the rest of our favorite superhero shows that didn’t make it to Netflix in May are arriving in June. Here’s what we’re looking forward to, and be sure to jump to the last page if you want a full list of what’s new on Netflix this month.

Orange is the New Black: Season 5 – June 9

Things are getting hot at Litchfield this summer. Looks like we’re getting started with a riot, and someone might just get shot! Of course, you may already know that — season five was already leaked by a hacker who tried to hold OITNB for ransom. Netflix didn’t pay up, and the hacker pulled the proverbial trigger. If you decided to hold off anyway, you don’t have to be patient for too much longer.

Arrow: Season 5 – June 1

Arrow won’t quite make May with fellow CW superhero shows Flash and Supergirl, but it won’t be too far behind. Fresh off the season finale earlier this week, the whole season is arriving on Netflix on June 1.

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 13 – June 17

ABC’s rock is still going strong, and we already know for sure that Meredith will be back for season 14. Enjoy this season, and we’ll see you back here this time next year, and probably the year after that.

Scandal: Season 6 – June 17

And, here’s ABC’s rock in the making. Another consistent show, and a reminder that Shonda Rhimes is low-key one of the best showrunners in the business.

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