Xbox Game Pass is Here, and It’s Basically Netflix for Xbox Games

For $10 per month, Xbox gamers will be able to play anything from a selection of games.

Netflix for Xbox is finally here. No, we don’t mean that literally — actual Netflix has been on the Xbox for a while. What’s arriving now is a Netflix-like subscription streaming service for Xbox games. It’s called Xbox Game Pass, and after a limited launch to Xbox Insider members, it’s ready to go for the public.

The new service will let Xbox One owners stream and play games as much as they want for a single monthly fee. But, Xbox Game Pass won’t include every Xbox game. Microsoft is starting with over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. That’ll include some heavy hitters, like Halo 5Payday 2, and the first three Gears of War titles. Resident Evil 0 is also on the list, which along with Payday 2 means we can expect third party titles, not just games from Microsoft Studios. Microsoft expects to add new titles to the service every month.

But, like with Netflix, don’t always expect the hot new releases to arrive immediately. While subscription services like these increasingly seem to be the way of the future, it’s doubtful the gaming giants are ready to fully make that leap yet. So far, it’s looking like most Xbox One games made available will be ones that have been out for a year or more.

But, it looks like that leap is at least starting this year. Earlier in the year, Sony announced that they would be bringing PlayStation 4 games to their PlayStation Now subscription service, which had previously just been for PlayStation games from older consoles.

Xbox Game Pass will cost $9.99 per month, but a 14-day free trial is being made available to all. Xbox Live Gold subscribers will get first dibs — they can start that free trial and begin using the service today. Xbox Game Pass will become available to all on June 1.

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