Holy Smokes Batman, Check Out this $800 Scale Model of the Classic Batcave!

Collectible pros Factory Entertainment are ramping up for SDCC.

San Diego Comic-Con is about a month away, and Factory Entertainment has been busy making plays for your wallet paper. They’ve been serving up a steady stream of SDCC exclusive collectibles for preorder, but their latest just hit everyone with a wacky animated ‘Pow!,’ whether they’re headed to San Diego or not.

Yes, that’s a scale model of the Batcave. Factory has created, in loving detail, Bruce Wayne’s hideout from the 1966 Batman series, in which Adam West set an insurmountable bar for all future Batman voices (sorry, Bale).

But, this undertaking posed a challenge for the usually accuracy-devoted designers — turns out they’re a lot more concerned with continuity than the original show’s producers! The Batcave saw a lot of changes over the years, so there wasn’t one Batcave for Factory to recreate. Instead, Factory just pulled from many Batcaves from the series to recreate the general Batcave vibe, and they’ve done a fine job of it. We’ve got the Atomic Core, monitors, dials, buttons, and knobs that we’re sure do something important, and a bunch of flashing LED lights, because this is the ’60s we’re talking about.

It’ll make for a great showpiece. The whole model is set on a turntable that can be rotated, so you can admire the Batcave from a different angle every day. You can also spin it around to reveal the secret rock entrance for the Batmobile. But, Factory isn’t giving all the goods away — you have to buy that sweet classic Batmobile separately.

The Batcave model measures 18″ x 14″ x 9″ and weighs 20 pounds, so this is a substantial piece of merch. No speakers bumping the theme music, but we can forgive it. Then again, at $800, it sure wouldn’t have hurt! The Batcave can be preordered now straight from Factory Entertainment.

If you are going to SDCC next month, you’ll be able to knock $100 of that price tag. Factory has also revealed their latest SDCC exclusive, a $20 metal replica of the Gotham City 14 Miles sign found outside the Batcave in the ’66 series. Preorder that, and you’ll get a $100 discount code for the Batcave.

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