CamSoda Pays You to Give Up Your Privacy and Stream Yourself 24/7

CamSoda provides three webcams, $200 per month, and pays your internet bill in exchange for nonstop streaming.

Want to make an easy $200 per month on the side? All you have to do is abandon all pretense of privacy — and depending on your outlook, you might feel like you’ve done that already, anyway. CamSoda, known more for porn, has been quick to realize the value of putting streaming and said porn together. Now, they’re realizing that the streaming doesn’t even need to be sexual in nature — there’s an audience for just about anything.

CamSoda is launching a platform called LifeStream, and it’s what it sounds like. Anyone can sign up with CamSoda and, with a little paperwork, agree to stream their lives 24/7 on the platform. The company will pay $200 per month, pay the person’s internet bill, and provide three 720p webcams, covering all the costs of streaming. All the streamer has to do is turn those cameras on and go about their business.

Despite usually dealing in porn, CamSoda is stressing that no sexual activity is required, although they’re certainly not going to discourage it. They’ve also said nothing about whether or not they’ll monitor views to weed out the streams that aren’t attracting viewers later on down the line.

CamSoda isn’t satisfied with just regular streaming, either. They’re working on a virtual reality camera that they’ll send out to streamers, for viewers who really want to get intimate with streamers.

The most shocking thing about the whole story is how banal it is. Plenty of streamers do this anyway, and plenty of those streamers are probably smirking at the idea of making only $200 per month to do it. Streaming — whether it be porn, playing video games, or making music — has become a cultural staple, and a very lucrative one. The only difference here is that the cameras can’t be turned off.

In fact, CamSoda is getting a good deal for themselves here. Streams that attract thousands of viewers will be worth well over $200 per month, making this platform attractive to novices or those who doubt they’ll get that many viewers in the first place. The $200 per month deal doesn’t seem sustainable for either party in that light, but if you want to make some quick cash while you can, CamSoda’s LifeStream platform is taking registrations now.

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