New Jersey-Wide Citizen STEM Initiative Awards Encourages Young Girls to Love Physics

The high school physics competition rewarded kids making videos to show their love of physics.

One of the many sponsored STEM programs out there is the Citizen STEM Initiative Award. Based in New Jersey, the watchmaker wants kids to show their love of physics by making a video explaining what they’ve been learning in class, with young Gabrielle Grupenhof taking down top honors.

Grupenhof created a video explaining how to calculate the speed and acceleration of a car, which will be hugely important for her when trying to survive driving on the freeway in the few years she gets to drive before autonomous vehicles take over! She beat out fellow competitors Mackenzie Szabo, Desire Trudy Walker, and Isaac Hyungwoo Yi to win the top prize.

Sponsored by the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning, the Citizen STEM Initiative Award was a competition between all ninth grade students in the state of New Jersey to create a 90-second video about what part of physics class most captured their imagination. The hope is that physics stays there, and that these kids become some of the world’s next great scientists!

But, that’s still a long way off for these kids. Until then, they’ve got some pretty nice new prizes to enjoy — all four of them received CTO watches from Citizen’s Drive collection.

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