The 9 Craziest Cases and Mods We Saw at Computex 2017

There just is no better place to be for DIY computer builders.

So, I’m going to just head this off at the pass — I’m well aware of how many super rad case mods I missed at Computex this year. That’s either a testament to my bad eyesight or, more likely, that there are more totally sweet case mods on the show floor than can possibly be covered comprehensively. Fortunately, I didn’t miss these nine — including one at the end that has to go down as this year’s top pick.

This mod was on display at the EpicGear booth. It’s based on Call of Duty, so I’m going to believe that this is a Mountain Dew-cooled rig and leave it at that.

Sohoo rolled in with this wheel-shaped case. Well ventilated!

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