iOS 11 Has a ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving” Feature That Could Literally Save Lives

According to the National Safety Council texting while driving results in over a million accidents each year

There are a lot of changes coming in the iOS 11 update from Apple but one of the most innovative is a feature that will help prevent texting and phone related auto accidents.

iOS 11 is a long awaited Apple update that will be a game changer for millions of Apple users. But the update also includes a pre-emptive safety feature designed to cut down on the number of texting and phone related accidents that occur while driving.

Even though almost all states have banned texting while driving, and many also ban the use of phone or handheld devices while driving texting and phone related accidents on the rise, many of these accidents end up being fatal. While legislators struggle to find ways to tighten legislation that will prevent these accidents, Apple is taking an even more pro-active approach.

The iOS 11 update which is scheduled to be released in the fall, will have a new “do not disturb” mode focused solely on driving. When this feature is turned on the phone will detect when a person is driving and hold all call and text notifications until the driver has stopped the car. This innovative feature will make it easier for drivers to avoid the distractions of texting or talking while driving.

Users can create a list of contacts whose notifications will be allowed through the do not disturb function, so parents who need to be alerted immediately or others who rely on instant text or call notifications can still be notified of a call or text right away. So if you’re driving and you have this feature turned on you won’t get notified of calls or texts that aren’t life threatening or emergency related, but your babysitter or your child’s school will still be able to get through as long as you add them to the special contact list.

According to the National Safety Council texting while driving results in over a million accidents each year. And more than 330,000 of those accidents result in injuries or fatalities. Increased legislation hasn’t been able to significantly decrease the number of accidents caused by cell phone use while driving, but Apple’s latest safety feature just might be able to prevent accidents that legislation can’t.