It’s About to Get Easier to Work With Images in Dropbox Paper

New features launching this week will make communication among team members clearer.

Dropbox has finally started to build out their answer to Google Drive in Dropbox Paper, a collaborative platform that brings in documents, editing, and team chat. They’ve got some catching up to do, especially with team software like Slack getting big, but Dropbox is about to take an important leap forward this week with a new update focused on making it easier to work with images.

The first new feature is a basic one — captions. Captions can be added to images to explain their purpose in the project, giving some much-needed context to other team members. It’ll be a bit better than just leaving a note about the image in chat — should the image be moved to another location within Dropbox, the caption will stay tied to the image.

That line of thinking guides the other new features, too. Instead of making comments about the image as a whole, users will be able to zoom in on images to get a better look at details. They can then leave notes on those details by tagging a certain area of the image, leaving a note for another team member to make a change.

They’re nice little tweaks that should make working with images in Dropbox Paper just a little faster. And hey, if it leads to fewer meetings and confusion among team members working on a project, that’s something I’m pretty sure we can all get behind!

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