Disney Reveals the New DuckTales Theme Song and a Premiere Date

The new series will kick off with a different kind of binge watching!

Excited for that star-studded new DuckTales series coming to Disney XD? Huey, Dewey, Louie, and, (we’re pretty psyched) Webby are only a few months away from their new adventures with Scrooge McDuck, and from the new intro, we can say we’re going to be right there with them.

First of all, no, they didn’t mess with the theme song because why would they ever? Disney knows what’s up — they even titled the one-hour premiere special “Woo-oo!” in case there was any doubt.

The intro animation is new, though, and we’re all about it. Besides showing Webby doing rad stuff in her new co-starring role, the intro pays tribute to the series’ comic book roots. Scrooge, the boys, Webby, and the whole crew jump in and out of comic panels with all kinds of wild tomb raiding action, no doubt from episodes we’ll be seeing soon enough. There’s also a lot of Scrooge jumping in and out of mounds of gold, because this is DuckTales, after all.

Scrooge will be diving back in starting August 12, when that one-hour special, “Woo-oo!,” premieres on Disney XD. From there, you’ll be able to do a whole other kind of binge watching — Disney will replay the special 24 times straight on August 12, from midnight to midnight. That’ll have to tide you over for a while — the weekly show officially kicks off September 23 with two new episodes.

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