The First Photos from Mary Poppins Returns are Here

The beloved magical nanny is back on Cherry Tree Lane, and the photos promise that this return to the classic children’s story world is going to be thrilling.

EW released the first production photos from the long awaited Mary Poppins Returns which is filming now.  The photos show Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt in costume as Jack and Mary Poppins. There is also a great photo of Cherry Tree Lane, where Mary Poppins first encountered the Banks children Jane and Michael.

In Mary Poppins Returns the seemingly ageless nanny returns to her beloved charges Jane and Michael Banks after a terrible family loss. Emily Blunt has some large shoes to fill as she takes over the role of Mary Poppins from Julie Andrews, but based on the photos released today it seems like she will fill those shoes quite well.

The new film is set during the Great Depression in the U.K. Michael Banks now has three children of his own, but he and Jane are left reeling after a family tragedy. They lose their joy and happy attitude towards life. Mary Poppins comes back to help them find joy again, and to help Michael reconnect with his children the way she helped George Banks connect with Jane and Michael in the original film.

Admiral Boom, who has been keeping watch over Cherry Tree Lane all these years, will be featured in the film. So will the Banks’ housemaid Ellen. In addition to stars like Lin-Manual Miranda and Emily Blunt some Hollywood heavy hitters like Dick Van Dyke, Colin Firth, Meryl Streep and Angela Lansbury will also be appearing.

Mary Poppins Returns won’t be hitting theaters anytime soon. The film isn’t schedule to be released until Christmas of 2018. But for now it’s enough for fans to see these first production photos and know that this all-star cast is going to create a wonderful sequel to a childhood classic.

Photo Credit: EW.com and Disney

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