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Freeform is Rebooting the British Cult Hit Misfits for a U.S. Audience

The quirky British hit Misfits is getting a reboot for the Freeform channel in the US, but will audiences embrace the show without its edgy British humor?

Misfits, a British cult hit that ran for five seasons on E4, is getting an American reboot. The Freeform channel, which was formerly ABC Family, has added a reboot of the show to its supernatural themed lineup.

The British show was a surprise hit that audiences embraced both for the unusual storyline and the strange band of characters that anchored the show. The original show starred Iwan Rheon, who left the show in the third season to become one of the most hated characters on Game of Thrones, Ramsey Bolton.

The third season of the show saw a total turnover of characters as almost all of the original actors left. Still the show continued on for another two seasons. Now Freeform has ordered a pilot of an American version of the show.

But it remains to be seen if American audiences will embrace the show without the quintessentially British slang and often raunchy humor that were hallmarks of the original show. The Americanized version of the show will likely focus more on the supernatural aspect of the show.

The Premise

Misfits is the story of a group of five young adults from different backgrounds who are thrown together to perform community service after having committed various crimes. While they are fulfilling their community service they get caught in a supernatural storm which gives them all different supernatural powers. They try to make sense of their new powers and figure out how to use them without revealing those powers to the world.

These kids aren’t really interested in using their powers for good, so they are more anti-heroes than heroes, but as the seasons go on they do find way to help out the world using their powers. And they also discover that they aren’t the only ones who walked away from the storm with special powers.

Freeform Doubles Down On Fantasy And SciFi

By taking on the reboot of this British science fiction hit Misfits, Freeform is doubling down on fantasy and science fiction shows. The network already has several scripted series from the fantasy and science fiction genres like Shadowhunters, Stitchers and Beyond.

Filling their programming roster with science fiction and fantasy has been a goldmine for fellow cable network AMC. AMC science fiction and fantasy shows like The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and Into The Badlands are consistently at the top of cable ratings. And now it looks like Freeform is going to try and give AMC a run for their money by adding one more science fiction show to their lineup.