Take a Magic Carpet Ride With This Adorable Aladdin Funko Figurine

This Wave of San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Disney Figurines is Full of Wild Rides

Over the years, Funko has released tons of Disney figurines. They’ve done most of the popular characters at least twice! Doesn’t mean they’re turning off the tap anytime soon, though. Funko has a new set of Disney Pop figurines on the way as exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con next month, and it includes some characters you might not have thought about in a while — plus a more familiar magic carpet ride.

There are a few especially obscure ones, led by Negatron from Darkwing Duck — and yes, he glows in the dark! Funko is also telling Johnny Depp to step aside this summer (kinda like domestic audiences) by going with Jolly Roger from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. Yeah, he glows in the dark, too.

But we can put that aside for a second, because the star of the most underrated of all Disneyland rides is finally getting his due. The inimitable Mr. Toad is hopping off his wild ride, getting a Pop figurine of his own. He does not glow in the dark, which does not diminish his wildness.

Funko is also bringing some flocked Pop figurines to this year’s show, which means they’ve got fur on them. Couldn’t be any other way for Tigger and a two-pack of Chip and Dale, who Funko wisely did not separate. Not a flocked figurine, but a more recent Disney character, Hei Hei from Moana, is also on the way.

All of this year’s SDCC exclusives are Pop figurines except for one, and it might just be the must-have of the group (if you must have only one, which isn’t really what SDCC is all about). Aladdin and Abu (sorry Jasmine, bromance wins out this time) share the cutest magic carpet ride in this shared Dorbz Ridez figurine.

Want them? Hopefully you’re heading to San Diego next month, because it’s not going to be easy to track them down once SDCC wraps up.