5 South Park Characters are Getting Funko Pop Figurines This Summer

The second wave of South Park Pop figurines includes plenty of variants, too!

You know it’s San Diego Comic-Con season when Funko starts going nuts with their figurine releases. They already helped us cool off a little with Game of Thrones figurines, and now they’re looking to yet another land of long winters for inspiration — South Park! Their second wave of South Park figurines is coming out this summer, along with a few fun variants and chase editions to collect.

After introducing Butters, Cartman, Ike, and Mysterion in wave one, Funko is taking care of more of the core characters. Stan and Kyle are getting their own figurines, although a Kenny figurine is still missing — appropriately enough. They’ll be joined by Canadian farters Terrance and Phillip, plus Professor Chaos, Butters’ world-flooding villainous alter ego.

Of the group, both Terrance and Phillip are getting chase variants — the less common versions that make up one in six figurines in the production run. They’re almost the exact same as the regular versions, but a little more patriotic — they both have Canadian flags in outstretched arms. Then, we’ll have an exclusive made just for Hot Topic, in more ways than one. Goth Stan, with his sweet Edgar Allan Poe T-shirt, can be found only at Hot Topic when he becomes available in August.

The choicest pick is coming exclusively to Gamestop. They’re getting Cartman with his longtime friend and murder victim Clyde Frog, which makes us wonder if Funko has similar variants planned for Polly Prissypants, Peter Panda, Rumpertumskin, and also Muscleman Marc I guess. Let’s get the tea parties back together, because it’s not going to happen in the show anymore.

All of the new South Park figurines will be available individually in August. Funko is also planning to ship over a two-pack of Stan and Kyle to Best Buy stores, so be on the lookout for that, too.