Buffy the Vampire Slayer Stakes Her Claim on New Funko Figurines

Buffy and Willow both get their own Rock Candy figurines.

Funko’s summer of vinyl keeps on rolling. This week, we’ve got a couple new figurines for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary with a cast reunion earlier this year. They’ve already made plenty of Pop figurines and ReAction action figures for the show, so now they’re turning to their more cartoony Rock Candy collection.

Both Buffy and Willow are getting new 5″ Rock Candy figurines. A newer line for Funko, the big-eyed vinyl figurines have mostly been female characters from across pop culture, with Harry and Ron from Harry Potter being the exceptions. The Rock Candy line was also joined this summer by Elvira as part of Funko’s slew of new horror-tinged figurines.

Funko went for the classic look with these two, going with Buffy’s good old black tank top with red pants and a floral outfit for Willow.

Both figurines are expected to be available sometime this summer, and because summer started last week, that means it’s time to start keeping your eyes out!