Funko is Releasing Stranger Things Action Figures this Summer

Two three-packs are coming ahead of the premiere of season two.

Running your own Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons campaign is about to get even better. Alright, they might not be miniatures, but I don’t see why these six new action figures from Funko can’t fill in nicely on your tabletop!

Coming after their Stranger Things vinyl Pop figurines, these new fully articulated figures are all from Funko’s 3¾″ Action Figure line, coming in two packs of three. The first pack has Lucas, Mike, and Eleven, while the second has Will, Dustin, and, yes, the Demogorgon. Hey, the dungeon master needs something too, right?

Being action figures, these guys are ready for action. Mike has his walkie-talkie, Lucas has binoculars and a slingshot, and Eleven has the source of her powers, an Eggo waffle. Props to Funko for going the extra mile to get the license.

There’s a little less in pack two — Dustin has a can and a hand opened just wide enough to hold it. The Demogorgon has no accessories, because it is a demon from another dimension that does not value accessories.

For now, all Funko is saying is that we should expect the new figures this summer. Our best guess is that they will launch around San Diego Comic-con next month.