Funko Will Release 6 New Game of Thrones Pop Figurines in Time for Season 7

The collection has three new characters and new designs for three others.

The great, unending winter of post-Game of Thrones life is fast approaching, so we’ll have to enjoy these releases all the more. Funko has prepped six new Vinyl Pop figurines for season seven, and they should all be available this summer — if you’re headed to San Diego Comic-Con, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make an appearance.

This year, we’ve got new designs for Jon, Tyrion, and Cersei. Jon gets the leather outfit he was rocking in season six, while Tyrion gets his rad disheveled beard look that he sports in Meereen. And, because they had to make this Pop, there’s Cersei in regal gown and crown, post-blowing everyone up.

The newcomers to the Thrones collection range from northerners to really far northerners. Bran (who stands upright, RIP Hodor) gets a Pop, along with red-bearded Tormund Giantsbane — the beards are really on point in this new release! Beloved giant Wun Wun also gets a Pop, and appropriately enough, he’ll tower over all the other GoT Pops, standing at 6″ tall. The Pop depicts Wun Wun during his finest hour.

The six Pops will all be available individually come this summer. There will also be a two-pack of Jon and Bran in July, which will be exclusive to Books-A-Million stores.

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