These Latest Game of Thrones Funko Figurines Are Too Cute for Westeros

Funko is releasing even more Game of Thrones figurines this summer, and they’re way too cute.

Westeros is about to get lit on fire, frozen over, or both, but these guys don’t look too bothered about it. On top of the new Pop figurines they’ve got coming this summer, Funko is shipping out cutesy Dorbz figurines of a handful of Game of Thrones characters who have still managed to stay alive.

The new collection includes Cersei, Jaime, Arya, Melisandre, and Jon. They’ve all got the trademark cutesy faces of the Dorbz line except for Jon, who might be the first Dorbz figurine ever that isn’t smiling — I guess it’s tough to fit the smile in with all that facial hair. Something had to give, and I think Funko made the right call. The best one has to be Arya, whose feelings about using Needle seem pretty on point here.

Of course, no new figurine release is complete without a little special edition action. One in six of those Melisandre figurines will glow red (no, sadly, there’s not an LED in the choker).

Funko is also expanding their new Rock Candy line. Along with Elvira and Buffy figurines we’ve seen recently, Funko will be releasing 5″ figurines for Daenerys and Brienne — weird to see them as the same height, though. Both outfits look amazing, and who doesn’t love a bonus dragon with their figurine?

Last up, Funko is shipping out the most venomous two-pack ever. The Pop figurines of Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton are getting paired up in a Battle of the Bastards set — dogs not included.

That Jon/Ramsay two-pack is shipping out in July, while the new Dorbz and Rock Candy figurines are coming in August.