24 Marvelous Clutch Wallets for Uber Geeks to Carry Their Money in

These 24 Clutch Wallets are the pinnacle of geeky yet chic fashion accessories

Clutch wallets are a wardrobe essential for every lady out there. They are cute, small, and easy to carry. So, we found 24 gloriously geeky and cute wallets — some are more clutchy than others, but we think they can all work. Not only are they convenient but you also get a little geek chic fashion flair — and maybe you’ll even connect with someone over a shared fandom!

The 12 Doctors Clutch Wallet

The real beauty of this Whovian wallet is the appropriate number of card slots they included — twelve (one for each Doctor). With all the card space, your wallet is the last place anyone will call unorganized and wibbly-wobbly.

Etsy Shop: MissBossyBags – $42

BB-8 Clutch Zipper Wallet

This wallet lets you live out a tattoo geek fantasy without actually inking your body up.  BB-8 is featured in classic tattoo detailing with flowers unfurling into a banner, mid-’00s Ed Hardy style. True love is a protocol droid on a mission.

Think Geek – $35

Team Flash Clutch Leather Wallet

This handmade wallet is intricately cut, dyed, and crafted by geeks — true geeky fan love. The red, gold, and white Speed Force symbol of Barry Allen makes a great bold color combo for a wallet.

Etsy Shop: LootMakerLLC – $130

Agent Peggy Carter Clutch Wallet

Peggy had an abundance of effortless style matched only by her insanely huge collection of talents. This wallet features the same vintage Captain America-esque color scheme of good old red, white, and blue.

Think Geek – $35

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