Brooks Running Celebrates Global Running Day by Handing Out Endorsements to Average Joe Athletes

Brooks Running kicked off its annual Global Running Day with a big announcement live streamed for all athletes to enjoy. The athletic wear company boasted about an exciting new venture just weeks prior and coordinated the start of the day with run happy media prepping for a 5K across Manhattan’s east side.

‘At Brooks we believe that running is the most inclusive sport the world has ever known and every runner deserves support and recognition. So, in celebration of Global Running Day, we’re announcing the biggest athlete endorsement deal in sports history,’ said Brooks Running CEO Jim Weber at the NYC press event.

The athlete at the center of the whole deal is… the modern day runner. Yep! You, the neighbor, the guy at work that shows up at work a little sweaty and, yes, even me. Brooks aims to bolster its already loyal community by offering every athlete a chance to be ‘Brooks Endorsed.’ With your endorsement deal comes exclusive access to content focused on training and nutrition aimed at assisting all with personal goals.

Of course, everyone is buzzing about their big payout now that they’ve struck gold with this endorsement deal, right? Luckily, Brooks is offering each ‘Brooks Endorsed Athlete’ $1.00. An entire dollar for runners in the U.S. and Canada.

We won’t quit our day jobs, but the support and content offering will strive to all athletes to run happy, every day. Cheers to all and remember to sign up to be ‘Brooks Endorsed’.

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