Here’s What’s New on Netflix in July

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story headlines a bit of a lean month for Netflix.

Well, they can’t all be winners. Aside from the refreshingly early appearance of Rogue One thanks to a deal with Disney, July is a bit of a lean month for new Netflix. That’s a problem, because I just got back to my hometown today and stepped outside, and then I immediately stepped inside where it didn’t burn. I’ll bet it’s like that in a lot of places! Fortunately, Netflix can keep you indoors with a few good old movies you might not have seen in a while, along with a series or two that might be worth checking out. Here’s a few suggestions, and like always, we’ve got the full list of what’s new on Netflix this month at the end.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – July 18

Whatever happens with the next one-off Star Wars movie, at least we know this one went off pretty well. I’ll spare you the spoilers in case you’ve been waiting patiently until now to watch it (and if you have managed to avoid spoilers up until now, how?), so suffice it to say it’s worth an afternoon.

Disney’s The Mighty Ducks – July 1

It doesn’t get talked about enough how wild it was that Disney made this movie, then went and actually made a real NHL team out of it. Shame the new owners didn’t keep the Mighty in the name, but we’ll always have the memories. And the flying V.

iZombie: Season 3 – July 5

Most zombie things get a hard pass from me these days, but the concept of a procedural led by a zombie investigator who gets clues about murders by eating the victims’ brains is too out there to ignore. Credit to Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars fame and star Rose McIver for making it work — lot of people didn’t see this show lasting as long as it has.

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